Indonesia and Madagascar account for about 90% of the worldwide vanilla market. In the international market, the demand for vanilla was around 32,000 tons in 2005 and the need for vanillin compounds is increasing by about 7% every year. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture in 2014, the area of ​​vanilla plantations in Indonesia is 19,728 hectares with a production of about 3,314 tons and for West Java alone the area of ​​vanilla plantations reaches 1,202 hectares with a production of about 159 tons.

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Indonesian vanilla is famous for its high vanillin content, which is around 2.75% and is recognized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as having the same quality as Bourbon vanilla which is well known in the international market for its quality. This is an advantage that must be utilized in developing the quality of Indonesian vanilla, especially for export-specific commodities, we can provide them according to your request.

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