Coffee Beans

There are three main coffee-growing areas in Indonesia. Java is one of the largest islands in the archipelago and also the largest producer of coffee. Java is renowned for its gourmet Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee is most suited to altitudes over 1500m. It grows well in temperatures of 16-20 degrees Celsius. Arabica plants tend to be more prone to disease, so farmers must pay close attention to the plants while they are growing.

Rate Price : 
Arabica Green Bean (Commercial Grade)
Loco Warehouse Cianjur, West Java
USD 3,81 – USD 3,95 per Kilos

Cianjur to Priok Port (Domestic)
+ USD 243,00 per 7 Tons

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Java is also known as producing one of the finest aged coffees in the world in Old Java. Javanese coffee beans can be stored in warehouses for two to three years. This increases the strong full-bodied taste that Arabica is known for. Another major coffee-producing island in Indonesia is Sulawesi, which was once known as Celebes. Coffee grown in Sulawesi is mostly processed using the dry method. The most famous coffee-growing region in Sulawesi is Toraja, where the coffee grows in the mountainous area near the center of the island 1500 meters above sea level.

There are many more regions in Indonesia that produce the best coffee, we can provide them according to your request.

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