cashew nut

in 2018, the export value of Indonesian cashew nuts reached 38.3 million US dollars. By volume the figure reached 71,644 tons. This means that almost half of the total production in 2018 was channeled for export. This shows that domestic needs have been met and it can be said that Indonesia’s cashew nut production has a surplus.

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The market for Indonesia’s mainstay commodity penetrates to India, the United States and even European countries.

Meanwhile, cashew production centers in Indonesia in 2018 were in East Nusa Tenggara (49.9 thousand tons), Southeast Sulawesi (25.5 thousand tons), East Java 15.3 thousand tons), Central Java (10.8 thousand tons). tons) to West Nusa Tenggara Province (10.3 thousand tons).

There are many more regions in Indonesia that produce the best cashew nuts, we can provide them according to your request.

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