Balsa Wood

Balsa wood is from the balsa tree, currently the largest producers of balsa wood come from Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. Balsa light is usually used for hobbies and aeromodelling, medium for industrial composite needs, while heavy as a substitute for hardwood with a cheaper price and wider use.

Log Balsa Wood
Size :  100 – 130 cm x 10 -13 cm x 9-10mm
Grade : Straight, no blue strain 
Price : USD 199,65 / m3

Square Log  / Balken / Bare Core 
Size : 100-130cm x 10-20cm x 10cm
KD /MC : 8-10%
Price :
Super : USD 439,00  /m3
On Grade : USD 399,00 /m3
All grade : USD 383,00 /m3

RST (Raw Sawn Timber) 
Size : 100-130 cm x 6-14cm x 4,8cm 
KD/MC = 8-10%
Price : USD 439,00 /m3 

S4S Balsa 
Size : 45-100 cm x 3-12cm x 3-7cm 
Grade : A, density 170-200 kg/m3
Price : USD 1,006 FOT

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Balsa core is able to compete with other core materials, namely foam and honeycomb. Its natural and environmentally friendly nature is an attraction that other core materials cannot match. We can provide them according to your request.

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