Explore Indonesian Commodities

Indonesia is known for its diverse range of commodities, both agricultural and non-agricultural, which play a significant role in the country’s economy. Diavargo has three superior commodity products with good quality.

Elevate your projects with our top-notch wooden slats! Perfect for large-scale construction needs, our slats offer durability and timeless elegance. Transform your spaces with our high-quality wooden slats today!

Power up your heating solutions with our premium wood pellets! Ideal for large-scale operations, our pellets ensure efficient and sustainable energy. Make the smart choice for your business with our high-quality wood pellets!

Welcome to the world of Indonesian palm sugar! Renowned for its rich flavor and natural sweetness, our palm sugar is sourced from the lush plantations of Indonesia, ensuring the finest quality. Dive into the authentic taste of Indonesia with our premium palm sugar!

About Diavargo

PT. Diavargo Niaga Utama (DNU) was corporated in April 2020 as a commercial entity to be the key vehicle for expanding international trade opportunities between Indonesia and the world. We serve our client with flexible incoterm methode, apple to apple competitive prices, and hauling provider. It gives our company the ability to ship worldwide.

International Trade

Creating sustainable and mutually beneficial coorperation.

Super Team

Constantly striving to analyze and provide solutions, even fpr issues you aren’t yet aware of.

Global Knowledge

Local knowledge and global expertise across a whole range of services and sectors.

Family Culture

Working with an economic perspective, and knowing local customs and cultures.

Our Commodity Products

We also provide other commodity products according to your request

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