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Indonesia is known for its diverse range of commodities, both agricultural and non-agricultural, which play a significant role in the country’s economy. Diavargo has three superior commodity products with good quality.

We raise and grow three different types of wood species: Alstonia Scholaris & Alstonia Angustiloba (known as Pulai), Anthocephalus Cadamba (known as SuperK), and Hevea Brasiliensis (known as Rubber Wood). As supporters of FSC® principles, we have ensured that our entire wood product portfolio has been 100% FSC certified since 1999

In wood pellet transactions, it is important to check the wood pellet specifications before closing the transaction. The specifications of wood pellets are detected by professional inspection agencies that analyze a number of wood pellets. Contact us for further specification information

Sugar produced from palm trees is often referred to as sugar with the highest caste produced from various types of palm trees. This is because the glycemic level of palm sugar is very low compared to sugar in general,  so that this sugar is safe for consumption for diabetics.

About Diavargo

PT. Diavargo Niaga Utama (DNU) was corporated in April 2020 as a commercial entity to be the key vehicle for expanding international trade opportunities between Indonesia and the world. We serve our client with flexible incoterm methode, apple to apple competitive prices, and hauling provider. It gives our company the ability to ship worldwide.

International Trade

Creating sustainable and mutually beneficial coorperation.

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Constantly striving to analyze and provide solutions, even fpr issues you aren’t yet aware of.

Global Knowledge

Local knowledge and global expertise across a whole range of services and sectors.

Family Culture

Working with an economic perspective, and knowing local customs and cultures.

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We also provide other commodity products according to your request

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